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Originally from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, a place that holds a special significance in his heart. However, fate intervened when he stumbled upon the coastal town of Port Lincoln during his travels. The incredible coastline, laid-back lifestyle, and the genuine warmth of the community instantly captivated him, ultimately making Port Lincoln his new home.

With over twenty years of experience in the building industry, Duncan is a licensed builder and proud owner and operator of his own design and construction firm, Moore Design and Construct. His unwavering passion for architectural design has been the driving force throughout his professional journey. While starting his career with a carpentry apprenticeship, Duncan's steadfast desire to create and construct homes led him to realise that his true calling lies in seamlessly integrating his expertise in architecture and construction. This realisation has motivated him to pursue a degree in Architecture at Curtin University, further enhancing his knowledge of design principles and techniques.

During weekends, Duncan actively participates in a diverse range of activities that vary depending on the season. As a dedicated member of the Wayback Football Club, he relishes the camaraderie and maintains a strong connection to the sport he loves. In the summer, Duncan eagerly immerses himself in ocean activities such as diving, fishing, and enjoying quality time at the picturesque beaches with his wife Brooke and their two daughters, Frankie and Eba. These activities not only create a harmonious balance in his life but also allow him to deeply appreciate the natural wonders and beauty of the Eyre Peninsula.


Leading Hand

Sam, the leading hand at MDC, who originates from a farm near Redhill, where he developed a profound appreciation for the country and farming lifestyle. Port Lincoln is an ideal place for Sam to pursue his passion of outdoor activities, such as fishing, surfing, and camping.

With almost four years of dedicated service, Sam has become an integral part of the MDC team. He values the diverse range of projects and the clients he collaborates with. Being involved in every aspect of construction has expanded his skill set, and he appreciates the excellent work-life balance fostered by MDC. Sam embarked on his professional journey with a small commercial builder in Adelaide, completing a three-year apprenticeship. He further honed his skills in steel frames and gyprock while working for a ceiling fixing company in the city. Over the next five years, he gained valuable experience by working with various small carpentry firms in the commercial industry.

As a qualified carpenter, Sam takes great pride in his role at MDC. Notably, he has excelled in projects like the Point Boston build and the Haigh Drive build, where he assumed greater responsibilities and transitioned into a project management position.

During his weekends, Sam finds joy in outdoor pursuits, whether it's playing golf, football, surfing, fishing, or spending time with friends. Looking ahead, Sam's aspirations include obtaining his builder's license and expanding his knowledge across all aspects of the building industry. He also intends to collaborate closely with Duncan to gain a deeper understanding of the design aspect of the business. Sam is happily married to his wife Gemma, and together, they have celebrated 18 months of marriage.

Fun fact: If you ever want to surprise Sam with something special, his favourite smoko snack is a chunky steak pie from The Beach Bakery. Do not forget the sauce.

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Second Year Apprentice

Ty, originally from Ballarat, Victoria, now calls Port Lincoln his home and finds immense joy in being surrounded by the stunning coastlines and local national parks.

Being a part of the MDC team for the past year and a half has been an enjoyable journey for Ty. He deeply appreciates the quality of homes designed by Duncan and built by the MDC team. Learning from the extensive knowledge of Duncan and Sam has been invaluable to his growth. Previously, Ty spent over ten years as a professional fisherman, but the work-life balance didn't align well with his family. Despite always wanting to pursue a trade, the timing never seemed right. Now, as a second-year apprentice, Ty is eager to learn and progress in the building industry.

One project that fills Ty with immense pride is the ongoing build in Coffin Bay, particularly the construction of the concrete panels. It was a completely new experience for Ty, and witnessing the panels being lifted into place by a crane was a memorable moment. Another standout project was the completion of a build on Orabanda Drive, where Ty was involved from start to finish. The week leading up to the owners moving in felt incredibly special, as MDC was creating a home for them to start their family.

During his free time, Ty finds solace in gardening, enjoys watching his son play footy, and takes the boat out for fishing adventures. Looking ahead, Ty's goal is to successfully complete his apprenticeship and further develop his skills and knowledge in the industry. Ty has an amazing partner, Amie, whom he has been with for twenty-one years. They have two amazing sons, Tyrene and Alex. Their family is complete with Luna, a black German Shepherd, who brings joy and companionship to their lives.

Fun Fact: And if two kids and a dog was not enough, Ty and his family have 23 chickens with too many names to list. Oh, and three bee hives as well.



Second Year Apprentice

Dylan, a born and bred resident of Port Lincoln, describes his hometown as a peaceful and unbeatable place to live, thanks to its breathtaking coastal scenery and providing a relaxed lifestyle.

Joining MDC almost two years ago has been an incredible experience for Dylan. The team's camaraderie and support are unmatched, and their shared passion for creating exceptional homes keeps him engaged and motivated through a variety of builds.

Prior to MDC, Dylan spent four valuable years at Tradelink but was eager for a new challenge. Seizing the opportunity to become a builder, he hasn't looked back since. As a second-year apprentice at MDC, Dylan is continuously learning and expanding his skills in the field, aiming to become a fully qualified builder in the coming years. One standout project for Dylan is the remarkable house extension completed in Lock. The transformation achieved serves as a powerful reminder of why he chose this profession.

During weekends, you'll often find Dylan unwinding with a game of 8 ball or hitting the golf course, recharging for the upcoming week. On a personal note, Dylan and his partner Shakira are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child. Their household is already lively, with three delightful dogs—Axel, Bella, and Daisy—and four adorable cats—Palo, Ziggy, Sunny, and Ronald.

Favourite Smoko Snack: Nothing beats a delicious bacon and egg roll.


Administrative Assistant

Jess grew up in a small, close-knit community town called Kimba. Upon moving to Port Lincoln, Jess immediately fell in love with the breathtaking beaches, picturesque walking trails, and the vibrant atmosphere that defines this coastal community, making it an ideal place to call home.

For the past two years, Jess has been an integral part of the MDC team, serving in an administrative role. One of the aspects that Jess particularly appreciates about working at MDC is the supportive work environment, which offers flexible hours to accommodate her family commitments. With MDC constantly undertaking new projects, Jess embraces the opportunity to seek new opportunities and enhance her skills as an Administrative Assistant. She consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic, exhibiting an unwavering commitment to accomplishing any task assigned to her.

During weekends, Jess strikes a balance between her time at the gym, playing netball (notably winning the 2022 PLNA Times Medal), and enjoying quality moments with her loved ones. Engaging in these activities allows Jess to rejuvenate and find joy beyond the realm of work. Additionally, Jess is a amazing mother to her five-year-old daughter, Issy who has just started school. She cherishes their time together often spent at the foreshore playground.

Fun Fact: Its worth noting that Jess is a qualified Massage Therapist, adding another layer of versatility and expertise to her already impressive skill set.



Site Manager

Introducing Murphy, the Border Collie and Duncan's right-hand man. Murphy is not just your average canine companion; he is an invaluable member of the MDC Team.

With his boundless energy, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty, Murphy has become an integral part of our daily operations. Whether it's on the construction site or in the office, Murphy's presence brings a sense of joy and enthusiasm that is contagious. He effortlessly brightens our days with his wagging tail and playful nature, reminding us to find happiness in even the busiest of moments.

Murphy's impeccable instincts and agility have proven to be a tremendous asset as he assists us in various tasks, from fetching tools to keeping an eye on the worksite. His dedication to his role is matched only by his love for two things: red meat and protecting our premises. Murphy's discerning palate has made him a connoisseur of fine dining, with steak and loin chops being his absolute favourites. But it's not just about food; Murphy's protective nature shines through as he takes it upon himself to chase away the postman, trailers, and any birds in sight.

He has become more than just a dog; he is a cherished member of our team, inspiring us to approach each project with the same dedication and loyalty he exemplifies. We are truly grateful to have Murphy apart of our team, as he ensures that each project is executed with precision and care.

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