In the picturesque coastal town of Coffin Bay, South Australia, a remarkable marvel been completed —a concrete tilt-up house that truly defies expectations.

With its sleek lines and innovative design, the house seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with the rugged beauty of its surroundings. The massive concrete panels, painstakingly lifted into place, have formed a structure that exudes strength and durability while maintaining an undeniable elegance.

It is a sight that must be witnessed firsthand to truly comprehend its awe-inspiring presence—a unique blend of artistry and engineering that promises to leave visitors in a state of wonder.


Nestled in a quiet neighbourhood, a heartfelt project has come to completion. It is the first home of Leigh and Charlotte who were recently married and have now, welcomed their first child.

This house, filled with dreams and anticipation, embodies the essence of warmth and simplicity. A carefully chosen combination of stone, wood, and a serene white palette has been woven together to create a space that exudes a sense of tranquility and timeless charm.

Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, ensuring that this home will be a haven for love, laughter, and cherished memories.


A unique architecturally inspired building situated on the outskirts of Port Lincoln with 180-degree panoramic views of Boston Bay. Designed and built by Moore Design + Construct, this home has made the most of the location with every room (minus the laundry) having spectacular views of Boston Bay.

This concrete tilt-up panel home is coupled with large Victorian Ash timber doors and windows and has a feature stone wall in the main living area. The concrete tilt-up panels were poured on site with selected panels having a patterned finish crafted by our team.

Features of this project include a large cantilevered roof, timber-battened ceilings, ply wood interior, polished concrete flooring, birch ply kitchen and exposed concrete interior walls.

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